Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Can a Petite Bride Wear a Long Veil?

Perhaps one of the most common questions we are asked at OBridal.com is "I'm a short/petite bride and would like to wear a long veil, but should I wear a shorter veil because of my height?"

The answer is NO - you don't have to wear a shorter veil!  Brides of all heights can wear all different lengths of wedding veils.  Short or Long - the veil just needs to proportioned right for you!

A good rule of thumb is to look in the mirror (preferably in your wedding dress) and divide your body (from head to toe) into thirds.  It's best to wear a veil that falls into one of these sections.  Wearing a bridal veil that ends right at the 50% line can cut you in half - and make a bride appear shorter. *Of course, there can be exceptions to this depending on the wedding gown - but in general - this rule works very well!

Wearing a veil that ends in one of the thirds keeps the eye moving.  A long veil on a petite bride can actually elongate her overall look.  It keeps the eye moving from head to toe and even further to the end of the veil.  So her total length looks much longer.

The main trick here - is if you are a bride with a small frame as well - you don't want to feel overwhelmed by lots of material swirling around you.  So what is the answer to this problem?  At http://www.occanseydesigns.com there is an option for custom cut fullness.  

This is the perfect solution!


When a bride has a long veil that is nice and wide at the bottom - she can request custom cut fullness at the top of the veil - so there is less material across her back and around her shoulders.  This makes the veil less overwhelming around the top part of her body - and also keeps the back of the gown and hair very visible!

Custom cut fullness is an option for all Standard cut veils at www.OccanseyDesigns.com -- and it's a Free option!

To view real brides wearing veils with custom cut fullness - we strongly recommend browsing the testimonials at OBridal.com

For example - the first bride on this page: 


is wearing a long veil that is the standard fullness (72" wide) - but the top is custom cut to 25".  So the top is very sheer, flat, and doesn't have lots of material swirling around her shoulders.  Creates a long sleek look.

Also look at Colleen on this page:


Long veil - sheer at the top - very beautiful!

Hope this helps any petite brides who love the idea of a long veil - but don't know if it will be flattering.  Worn the right way - with the right fullness - it will be!  

Please feel free to email us with any questions at occanseydesigns@windstream.net.